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GD Entertainment and Technology Inc (OTC: GDET)

In this podcast, Mr. Idnani discusses the various businesses of GDET, how they work together, growth initiatives, excitement in the Dream card business as well as broadening the CBD business. GD Entertainment and Technology Inc (OTC: GDET) (“GDET” or the “Company”) ( ) focuses on high growth industries to fulfill a diverse selection of premium products nationwide. The company is now primarily focused on building the #1 online source for high-quality CBD-based products at theGreenery ( ) and in providing the dreamcard which specializes in fully customizable, premium quality payment cards

GD Entertainment and Technology’s CBD Business, Dream Card Expansion, 2nd Half of 2020 Outlook Among Podcast Topics Discussed by Company CEO Anil Idnani

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Jane King


Anil Idnani